April 3rd, 2022 - WTOP News

DC folk dance group raises thousands for Ukraine relief

With bright costumes and a lot of energy, the Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble showed off its moves in a concert to raise funds for Ukraine.

At the All Souls Church Unitarian in D.C., the group performed for a sold out show it called Dancing to #StandWithUkraine.

“As soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, we knew that we needed to find a way to help,” said Wesley Reisser, director and founder of the group.

This was the final of three shows the group performed in the area over the last few weeks. So far, the group has raised more than $24,000 in donations to help support World Central Kitchen and the Catholic charity Caritas in their Ukrainian relief work.

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March 29th, 2022 - DCIst

Washington-Area Folk Group Dances To Raise Funds And Awareness For Ukraine

Steve Horoff’s weekly commute into D.C. for dance practice has taken on a new meaning since Russia invaded Ukraine a month ago.

The Columbia, Maryland resident and third-generation Ukrainian American dances with the Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble, named for the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe that pass through Ukraine. About half of Carpathia’s 22 members are of Ukrainian heritage or have connections to the country, said founder Wesley Reisser.

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June 2nd, 2018 - Voice of America Ukraine

Voice of America - Ukraine

Гопак у виконанні американців! Вашингтонський колектив народного танцю «Карпатія» виконує українські, польські, румунські, угорські, болгарські, македонські, литовські танці. Склад ансамблю Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble – мультинаціональний, там є навіть мексиканці. Танцівники часто виступають на фестивалях безкоштовно, бо їхня місія – закохувати в народний танець американців.

May 16th, 2012 - Washington Post

Children in Washington travel the world in a day

Bolivia — check. Norway — check. Turkey — check.

“Brunei?” a young boy asked, glancing from his passport to his friends.

Before waiting for an answer, the boy took off across the crowded atrium, his friends trailing behind with their own passports in hand.

No, this is not the opening sequence of an “Amazing Race”-style reality show for kids. This was the scene Sunday afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown Washington, where hundreds gathered for the sixth annual International Children’s Festival.

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