Dancing to #StandWithUkraine


Adventure Theater, Glen Echo Park

Saturday March 26, 2022Hosted by the Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble

National Anthems of the United States and Ukraine – Spiv Zhyttya (Audience Members are asked to please stand if able)

Pryvit and Galician Polka – Carpathia – Ukraine & Poland

Szatmári Dances of Hungary – Tisza

Pripoianca and Geamparalele din Babadag – Carpathia – Moldova & Romania

Contemporary Prayer for Ukraine – Volodymyr Sukhin with Spiv Zhyttya

Dances of the Székely People of Bukovina – Tisza – Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia & Romania

Hutsul Suite – Carpathia – Ukraine


Kujawiak and Oberek – Carpathia – Poland

Kalotaszeg Dances – Tisza – Transylvania, Romania

Aguas del Río Nonoava and Santa Rita – Corazon - Mexico

Zakarpatski Tanets and Hony Viter – Carpathia – Ukraine

The Geese Were Gossiping and Carol of the Bells– Spiv Zhyttya

Kozachuk and Hopak – Carpathia – Ukraine

Spiritual Anthem of Ukraine “Bozhe Velykyy Yedynyy” – Spiv Zhyttya


Carpathia Folk Dance EnsembleFounded in 2011, the Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble is Washington, DC’s only multi-ethnic European folk dance performance group. We currently perform dances from Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and of the Roma people. Our group is all-volunteer and comes from a variety of backgrounds including immigrants from countries we represent to people who do not even have ethnic background from our countries. What brings us together is a passion for dance, music, and sharing culture with diverse audiences. For more information, contact us at carpathiadc@gmail.com.

Dancers: Julie Ascik (Assistant Director), Natalia Bogdanova, Erika Dömötör, Lena Galperina (Assistant Director), Richard Hansen, Stephen Horoff, Christina Ramsey Harris, Yaryna Onufrey, Elena Petrovičová Peerson, Colleen Prince, Dr. Wesley Reisser (Artistic Director), Nina Rines, Olga Stepanova, Michael Voge, Patrick von Suskil, Roxolana Wynar, Julia Zucofski

Spiv ZhyttyaThe Ukrainan-American a cappella group "Living.inSONG", based in Washington DC, sings folk, classic, and contemporary songs of their shared heritage. As a pun in Ukrainian, the two parts of the name "SPIV-Zhyttya" mean "SONG" and "Life", but as one word mean to co-exist happily - which they have been, singing together since February 2011. SPIV- Zhyttya can be reached at ukelivingsong@gmail.com.

Singers: Lesia Bihun, Xenia Jowyk, Oksana Sukhina (Director), Oksana Lassowsky, Lesya Brannman, Andriy Bihun, Volodymyr Sukhin (Soloist)

Tisza EnsembleTisza Ensemble celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Their mission is to preserve the dance house movement in the Hungarian diaspora by teaching the original, improvised dances and performing choreographies based on them. Tisza dancers learn this village style before taking part in choreographies. Tisza also holds social dances and sponsors professional folk dance teachers and musicians from Hungary.

Dancers: Lynn Baumeister, Carol Carnahan, Leó Demeter Qualls, Erika Dömötör, Joseph Kroupa (Dance Director), Cathy Lamont (Artistic Director), Patrick McCarron, Chris O'Donnell, Emese Prandovszky O'Donnell, Béla Személy, Karen Szokol

Corazon Folklorico Dance CompanyCorazón Folklórico Dance Company, based in Washington, DC, is a non-profit founded in September 2017 dedicated to honoring and preserving the art of ballet folklórico, or traditional Mexican dance. Mexican culture is vibrant and diverse, even within the regions of Mexico. Corazón promotes and celebrates the cultural diversity of Mexico through its dance performances throughout the year and by building a community of passionate dancers from the DMV area. Corazón seeks to create a space where anyone can participate in the joy and art of Ballet Folklórico by offering free classes to adults held at the Spanish Education and Development Center in Petworth and at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, DC. To join the free weekly classes email info@corazonfolkloricodc.com. For more information about performances visit CorazónFolkloricoDC.com or our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Dancers: Alejandro Góngora (Producing Artistic Director), Paulette Chavira (Instructor), Cynthia Hernández (Instructor), Manuel R. Cuellar (Instructor)

Moderator: Annie Miao